Seafood Doctor, Inc. is a frozen seafood importer based in Southern Oregon that imports products from China, Mexico, India, and South America.

What We Did

We have helped them with many things. We have helped them with all their artwork and packaging design, trademarked their brands, logo, and name here in the US and as well in China. We have also helped redesign the We helped vectorize their company logo and also successfully trademarked their logo, company name, and multiple brand names in the US and in China. We provide all the artwork for their packaging; both retail and foodservice packaging. We even order and arrange custom artwork made in China and shipped over to one of their plants on the east coast that packs their scallops for them in their own brand. We design all their business cards, spec sheets, and print material for tradeshows. And last but not least, we design all their websites and have helped do some consulting on a custom programmed pricelist program for sales.


Web Design

Logo Design



Print Design