Seafood Doctor Business with PT Kilang Gurita Documentation & Resources


This lists all the wires we have made to PT Kilang Gurita Indonesia.
All wire details have been added and none missing. Wires are from Seafood Doctor, Inc. and Seafood Doctor, Inc.

Falsified Shipments

This lists PO# 21809 & 21810 and their supporting documents that were falsified and sent to us.

Received Shipments from Anwar

This link will show all the Purchase Orders we have done business to date with Anwar or PT Kilang Gurita Indonesia.
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This shows the wires, the dollar amount for the purchase orders and what all is owed. *No Macros on Spreadsheet.

Anwar ID

Here is Mokhanwar Arifin's Indonesian ID

Tuna Held Hostage

Here are the details of the products help hostage by PT Rahayu Perdana Trans and pictures of the product